Farewell Waggener Edstrom. Hello Epipheo.

After nearly three years of the funnest job I’ve ever had, next week will be my last with my friends on the Waggener Edstrom design team. I decided the time has come for a new adventure! So on February 4, I will be uniting with the creative force that is Epipheo¬†as an experience designer.

The Experience Design team I worked with at Waggener was a whirlwind of talent, hilarity, and genuine friendship. It is because of them challenging me (and just being better than me) that has allowed me to become the designer I am today.

So thank you to:

  • John Weiss, for being crazy enough of a boss to trust me and hire me there,
  • Chris Kalani, for being the reason I even got hired at Waggener,
  • Tyler Sticka, for being a craftsman of a designer and teaching me how to say what is exactly on my mind,
  • Therese Bartolini, for showing me how to be a true UX designer,
  • Erik Jung, for basically showing me every new awesome development thing over the last three years,
  • Andy Orsow, for a serious amount of laughs and all those romantic coffee dates,
  • Josiah DePaoli, for always be willing to hash out ideas with me,
  • and last but not least, David Carroll, for being the most adventurous and most fearlessly critical designer I know. Oh, and thanks for going to Epipheo too and hooking me up there. :)

There are a million other people I’ve worked with at Waggener who have been amazing, so thank you to all of you. I’ll be at Epipheo’s office the Pearl district. So let’s do lunch, coffee, and/or beers sometime.

It’s certainly a little bittersweet to say au revoir to Waggener, but I can barely contain my excitement for my first day at Epipheo, which must mean it is the right place for me. Thanks for all the laughs, learnings, and long walks (I had to keep that whole alliteration thing going with words that start with “L”).

Now as Jay-Z says, I’m on to the next one.